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To us, “Nomadic” is the need to wander and explore. As cyclists, we believe there’s a bit of nomad in all of us. Nomads don’t worry about the superficial, the brand… We care about the essentials. Quality is essential, affordability is essential, and community is essential. Our mission is to provide cyclists with what they need to keep them on the road, the dirt, the outdoors.

We’re not a brand

We are an invitation-only marketplace for only the reputable and experienced cycling component manufacturers and vendors. We believe by giving cyclists the access to quality yet affordable cycling products, we can create a cycling community that will focus on only the essentials. A community with a more inclusive culture for all nomads.


We build relationshiops with our manufacturers


We hold our manufacturers and vendors to a high standard


We’re a marketplace and we do not markup prices


We’ll be there if you need pre-sale or post-sale support




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Santa Barbara, CA

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